Things you need to quit before visiting a gynaecologist

Preparing for an appointment with gynaecologist are one of the most dreadful tasks which you could come across and but it surely gets easier when you are visiting the best female gynaecologist Dubai. With that said, there are a few things that you might want to change about your visit. Here is a list of things that you should consider avoiding before meeting up with them.

  • Stop cancelling your appointment due to period

This is one of the major things which we see happening around. People often cancel their gynae appointments because they are on their periods. And while this is surely an embarrassing situation for the two of you and you may feel quite uncomfortable, it is not for the gynae. Your gynae and you can work together and maybe get a healthy tick on that too, so stop cancelling your appointments.

  • Avoid having sex at least a few days before the appointment

This is something very important to know and understand. Many people think that getting into any sexual activities before the appointment won’t make much of a difference – and some times it doesn’t – but for the main part, it does. It is highly recommended to not engage in any sexual activities at least three to four days before the appointment so that vagina can be examined in its natural condition.

  • Get contraception pills as soon as they end

This is probably the worst nightmare and such a shame that you have to get them refilled every time. Don’t wait for your next appointment to be scheduled for a refill because this can put you in trouble. They will happily give you a refill even if you haven’t had an appointment because coming back with even troubling situations can be risky for the both or you.

  • Avoid bringing in your mum

This is not for the younger ones but for the older women. If you are a grown woman who have been sexually active and don’t want your mum knowing your business then you have to avoid bringing her in at all costs. It just creates a very awkward situation for the people in the room and especially for you and some times patients do end up answering falsely or hide the complete facts that can be crucial to the treatment/condition.

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