Why are schools important?

Schools lay the foundation of a child’s formal education. But that’s not it, schools are also responsible for children’s informal learning. Humans learn from the environment. We are constantly taking in information and applying it on ourselves. Children will speak how they hear others speaking, do how they see others doing. They lack the sense of right and wrong and hence depend on their surroundings to pick up those essential skills. It’s very important that we choose our kids’ school after assessing it and make sure that it’s the right option for them since they’ll spend half of their time there. The teachers should be kind and gentle with the kids and take interest in their job. As a young child, that’s where most of the influence on him will come from. Search and visit some kindergarten school in Qatar, ask them questions and assess their environment before making a decision for your child.

Morals and Ethics

Schools are also responsible for teaching children ethics and morals like equality, kindness, sharing, and politeness. It’s very important that our child grows up in an environment that forge these values within our kids so that they grow up to be good and humble beings. Racism and bullying is very prevalent now and it has a big impact on the mental health of students. The schools must create an environment where this kind of behaviour is not accepted and tolerated. Not taking action against bullying is the same as supporting it, and your child could be from among the bullies, or the bullied. Core values and morals should be instilled in our children from the very start so that they live as a blessing to the society and not the curse.

Creativity: the Essence of Human Success

Creativity is one of the fundamental instincts of humans. Schools should value and promote creativity in not just art, but every subject so that all students have an equal opportunity to discover their talents and learn what they like doing best. This will impact their career life more than we think and keep them motivated in their field of interest. The best international school in Qatar will be the one that values character and creativity the most. All students should be encouraged to participate in whatever they like and their efforts appreciated. No child should be made to feel less than the other because of their lack of academic success or their potential of being ‘cool’.


One of the very basic quality schools should build in children is confidence in themselves, but the very opposite of that is true. Schools end up killing the confidence, self esteem, as well as creativity of millions of children. Let’s focus on abstract qualities of school environment as much as the tangible.