How to make a bulletproof glass

Installing a bulletproof glass from a professional an expensive procedure. There are many ways to create an armored glass. Polycarbonate plastic is a cheap kind of plastic ok that can be moulded into different shapes and gives a clear vision through it. It is a tough material when made thick enough can stop bullets with Little deformation in its shape.

Polycarbonate can be laminated with sheet of clear material. An acrylic sheet it can be laminated on polycarbonate. Acrylic is lightweight and when coated properly does not scratch away by UV light.

Polycarbonate can be deformed into the shape of your choice and it is a soft material on the other hand acrylic is a hard material and it can be shattered easily.  On combining both kind of materials together a tougher surface is made. Now if the bullet is short on such panel then the acrylic will get cracked but the energy of the bullet will be absorbed by the layer of polycarbonate. By combining these two types of material one can get a Bulletproof sheet. Two acrylic sheets are joined together with one polycarbonate sheet with the help of Polyester casting resin. And on testing the sheet it shows that acrylic gets cracked and polycarbonate layer get stiff arm but the bullet cannot pass through this sheet

Polycarbonate can also be laminated bye glass /plastic. Between the polycarbonate and glass/plastic resin interlayer is applied. This laminate is scratch resistant and also does not let you we passed through it. Glasses set of material that is harder than tablets made by copper or lead. But the lamination of glass makes the windows quite heavy. Glass when laminated with polycarbonate to make a ballistic glass is a cheap option. Not much tools are used to make a sheet of glass. Tungsten glass cutter can easily cut a sheet of glass. But on striking of a bullet sharp pieces of glass call off but the glass side is towards the outer side so it is not a problem. The only drawback of Glass laminated sheet is that it makes the window heavy. 

It is very crucial to make a glue that is clear. If the right type of glue is not applied for the Glue is not adhesive enough then one might fail to make are Bulletproof sheet that is efficient. Polyester for epoxy resin are the type of glue that can be used.