Facts about Canada

Canada is one of the states that come all together with the largest country in the Western Hemisphere and is the second-largest country after Russia. Click here to get more information. However, the study shows that there are many factors regarding migrate to Canada from Kuwait that you may never know or you may want to know before visiting one of the largest countries of the Western Hemisphere because it has enormous reasons and beautiful artifacts with multicultural values and norms. 

Hence, I am here to tell you about some facts regarding Canada, you should know that these facts do have a confirmed source. And if you do not think that it is confirmed, you can either search these facts by using internet medium or by asking one of your friends that may be living in one of the gulf states that Canada represents.

However, the facts regarding Canada are given below:

  1. Canada has a literacy rate of 93%, surpassing the other countries such as America and other provinces.
  2. Canada is in ten divisions with ten provinces and three territories that make it one of the most divisible countries in the world and is home to almost 37 million people all around the world. 
  3. Canada has more than enough islands and is one of the most reliable income sources for their country’s GDP and economic values, however, three Canadian islands are amongst the top ten largest islands of the world where people come, visit, and enjoy their time.
  4. Canada has more than enough cathedrals and several churches, making it a hub of not only the place of one culture but also the hub of humanity where people live in peace and stay together without the urge of showing hesitation towards each other.
  5. On average, almost 12 million people from all over the world tend to visit Canada for tourism, however, the most visited places are Mississauga, the Niagra Falls, and many more. 
  6. Canada has more tourists and travelers than any other country, therefore, the most travelers come from the neighboring side of the country, known as the United States of America, and more than 10 to 15 percent of the travelers come from the regions of the United Kingdom, and France.
  7. Canadians are fond of traveling, therefore, they opt for the USA, France, Mexico, and Cuba to meet their traveling needs and opt towards more adventurous desires when they visit these countries.