16 interesting facts about the digestive system

Although the human body is too complicated and machine-like, the digestive system has some interesting facts to tell that can amaze you and bring laughter when you pronounce its names. Do you want to know what these facts are? If yes, then go here, scroll down and read them!

  1. Your mouth produces saliva of around two pints which is almost equal to two cans of soda. 
  2. There are muscles in your oesophagus that move like waves to move food and water down in the stomach. This movement is called peristalsis. 
  3. The digestive system has a close bond with the brain or nervous system which can be named as the gut-brain axis. The axis can be affected by emotions. Emotion affects how food will be digested. 
  4. Your food does not separate into nutrients directly themselves. Enzymes are proteinaceous compounds that tear the food and separate nutrients from them to give it your organs and systems.
  5. The digestive system does not follow the rules of gravity because they have muscles. Therefore, your food will be digested if you would stand on your head. 
  6. The small intestine is longer than the large intestine. The small intestine is 23 feet long while later is 5 feet long. 
  7. Small intestine’s second part has a funny name, jejunum. 
  8. Many of the laundry detergents have enzymes that are present in your body to separate nutrients. 
  9. Your digestive tract’s shape can be changed because of lifestyle. Therefore, it is recommended to do aerobic exercise to keep them in the exact shape. 
  10. Your stomach can hold four pounds of food at a time. 
  11. Stomachs are absent in platypuses. 
  12. The gas you pass smells bad because it is produced due to fermentation and mixed with air. 
  13. You can have hiccups because of a change in body temperature. The body temperature changes suddenly sometimes. 
  14. A newborn baby does not have healthy bacteria that are required to digest food. 
  15. Humans release extra air that they swallow with food when they eat fast by burping. 
  16. You can have symptoms of gastro mechanical distress if you had more than a cup of carbonated beverage. 

So, these are 16 interesting facts about the digestive system. The digestive system is one of the most important systems of the human body. Therefore, people are recommended to prefer healthy meal delivery in Abu Dhabi over burgers and cheesy fries or lose the system and eat medicines every day.