Pros and Cons of Hiring a Maid

Getting a maid in these times is not cheap, in fact it is considered as a luxury, because these maids will be doing most of the dirty work for you like; cleaning the bathrooms, kitchen, bath your dog and pick up dog’s mess, all the kind of work that you avoid due to different reasons. And this is the reason that they are paid with a lot of money. The tradition of maids was started with early times, as early as 2000 B.C. at that time, kings and queens had servants which also delivered their babies and raised them as their own.

Some kings and queens also married their servants. In the A.D., Joseph was the servant of a kingdom where he was sold by his step brothers and after years of serving the king, the wife of the king fell in love with the Joseph. He was then set to death row and after his wife confessed, he was released and was a personal assistant and adviser of the king and when the king died, he became the king. So, maid, servants and butlers have served a lot from the beginning of time. The advantage of hiring a maid is that you can just relax and just keep an eye on the work.

Consider that you are not just hiring anyone, you are actually buying time of the person who is specially here to do your job. So, make sure to pay them enough and if you pay them well, they do the work with more heart and you will hire them again and again. Cleaning the toilets is a dirty job and maids the person who do this job for you. You can call a maid for a single task, mostly don’t agree on single task because it is not worthy of their time. So, you have to offer them pick and drop or extra travelling charges.

But there is a disadvantage, for example, you have hired a maid with the reference of your friend. And he/she has zero complaints, but what happens is that, you get your things stolen. You must be wondering why me! This is because of different circumstances, maybe your friend didn’t have any valuable thing and you did or your friend was on their heads while he/she was working and you did not. So, pay attention to these details before hiring.