Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Vulnerability: The Secrets Behind iCloud Hacking (VIDEO)

By: Travis Doering
'Our group focuses exclusively on targeting and exploiting Apple's iCloud' RipSec Admin

HD copy available at:

Alongside this year’s release of OS 10.11, iOS 9, the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus. Apple has updated its terms and conditions once again, but this change could come as a surprise to some users. The iCloud storage service will now be automatically enabled on any iOS device running iOS 9 or later if the user signs in using their Apple ID. Which might be convenient and free, for the basic subscription plan. But what is the true cost of uploading all of your personal data online?

In March last year our team at Hacker Film began production on a feature length documentary titled “Vulnerability”. We were originally working with a Canadian broadcaster, whose executives wanted to remove a segment about exploiting Apple’s iCloud service. This was because of the fact that Apple is a large advertiser, and additionally a distributor of digital content. We have taken the rejected footage and created this documentary short titled “The Secrets Behind iCloud Hacking”. We hope you enjoy.